Grow Meaningful Success Teams

"Isolation is the Dreamkiller."

(-Barbara Sher)

The internet is OVERFLOWING with excellent content, much of it free– we don't need more. There are literally thousands of fantastic online courses, certificate programs, workshops, webinars, videos, articles, etc. which teach everything any nonprofit would ever need to grow and sustain its impact (even with limited time, staff, and resources).

It's like the health club industry: we've never had more gyms, greater variety of exercise modalities, cheaper memberships, better qualified trainers, easier access to nutritional foods, or a clearer awareness of the importance it all has to wellbeing and long life, and yet as a nation we've never been unhealthier across all age groups. More gyms will not solve the problem.

We need a group of people committed to helping us make the changes we know we need to make, and finding the answers we don't know exist. Grow Meaningful's 8-Week Success Teams are inspired by the work of the late, great Barbara Sher (RIP Barbara, we love you!).

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