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Nonprofit Organizational Development Consulting

Get Better at What You Do (and Clearer on Why You Do it)

Organization development (OD) is a purposeful, science-based effort to improve the capabilities, effectiveness, and culture of an organization (aka, "people, processes, and performance").

Who OD Helps

Maybe you...

  • aren't making the impact you expected

  • need more / deeper engagement

  • have poor retention & turnover

  • notice burnout / declining culture

  • struggle with sustainable growth

  • are facing major changes, a "wicked problem", or some no-win scenario (Kobayashi Maru)

We're also entering The Experience Economy where it takes creative new approaches to stay relevant and meaningful, but you might not have the capacity to handle that right now.


Or maybe everything's going just fine but you're concerned over how changing business conditions and technological innovation– or another economic downturn– would affect your organization's ability to continue serving your particular community.​​

How OD Helps

Benefits include...​

  • higher engagement & retention of stakeholders (customers / members / employees / donors / board)

  • efficient system-driven operations

  • stronger financial margins, cash flow

  • happier, higher-performing culture

  • more time for stuff that matters

  • better work-life balance (/separation)

  • energizing, fun, self-expressed teams

  • more referrals and less paid marketing

  • increased capacity for mission

  • lower stress / greater worksite wellness

  • peace of mind from infinite mindset

  • renewed sense of purpose at work

  • feeling good about building a world where people wake up feeling inspired by meaningful work, connected with their communities, motivated to be better, and excited for what's ahead

What is Organization Development?

Systems Change Expert
  • Systems Change Leader

  • Culture Builder

  • Innovator​

Efficient Designer
  • Efficient Designer

  • Process Consultant

  • Data Synthesizer

Business Advisor
  • Strategic Catalyst

  • Results-Oriented Leader

  • Trusted Advisor


Grow Meaningful's method of "future-focused, meaning-centered, community-minded" OD for nonprofits incorporates much from asset-based and human-centered models which create meaningful work by leveraging existing strengths.


The OD Network's Global OD Competency Framework™  defines five capability areas of OD Practitioners, each with three competencies as shown below; Grow Meaningful aspires for excellence in each.

Credible Strategist
  • Credible Influencer

  • Collaborative Communicator

  • Cross Cultural Navigator

Informed Consultant
  • Self-Aware Leader

  • Equity Advocate

  • Life-Long Learner and Practitioner

How is OD Different From Capacity Building?

Pursue Meaningful Change

The National Council of Nonprofits defines capacity building as:

"Capacity building is whatever is needed to bring a nonprofit to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity, so it may more effectively and efficiently advance its mission into the future.


Capacity building is not a one-time effort to improve short-term effectiveness, but a continuous improvement strategy toward the creation of a sustainable and effective organization."

Following this definition, the two have much in common. However, many nonprofit professionals consider capacity building to be much narrower in scope and less transformational than organizational development.

Image by Matt McNulty
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