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I always wished I lived in a peaceful, humanist, Star Trek: The Next Generation type world. That's basically the "origin story" of why I formed Grow Meaningful– I wanted to help develop as many future-focused, meaning-centered brands, workplaces, and communities as possible.

Professionally, I have developed high-level experience and expertise in a surprising number of areas, including:

  • budgeting and accounting

  • market research and sales forecasting

  • project management

  • commercial real estate

  • small business lending

  • operations management

  • process improvement

  • change management

  • program management

  • organizational development

  • staff development

  • culture change facilitation

  • curriculum writing,

  • nonprofit business planning

  • nonprofit strategic planning


I also spent a few years as full-time stay-at-home dad during the pandemic! It sounds like a lot because it is– I'm a scanner (RIP/thank you Barbara Sher). I fit the definition of an expert generalist with my professional level of understanding in so wide a field of subjects, and have been called by managers a "Swiss Army knife", "special forces soldier", and "Jack of all trades in a good way." The specific "resumé bullet" details of each experience are available in full transparency on my LinkedIn profile.

Personally, I'm grateful for my inspiring wife, Ali, my happy-go-lucky toddler son, Finley, my smiley infant son, Spencer, and my little Havanese sidekick, Linus. The middle child of three (probably why I'm a good facilitator!), I've lived in MA, RI, VT, and NC, and consider Rhode Island my home. If I had to pick two favorite hobbies that aren't eating or learning, they'd be sailing and snowshoeing.

I may have formed Grow Meaningful as a nonprofit organization development advisory, but like all good players in the infinite game, it will adapt over time to best advance its just cause:


creating a world where most people wake up feeling inspired by meaningful work, connected with their communities, motivated to be better, and excited for what's ahead.


See you there!

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