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I always wished I lived in a peaceful, humanist, Star Trek: The Next Generation type world. That's basically the "origin story" of why I formed Grow Meaningful– I wanted to help develop as many future-focused, meaning-centered brands, workplaces, and communities as possible.

I graduated from Babson College in 2006 with a BS in Business Administration and a Concentration in Finance. Babson has been ranked #1 in the United States for entrepreneurship education for the past 25 consecutive years. I ran two small businesses in high school (don't worry, nonprofit friends, I also accrued 400+ hours of community service as an active member of Key Club), and so Babson was a natural next step.


While a freshman at Babson, my friends and I started a student-run business which donated nearly $4,000 to the Greater Boston Food Bank (and required bimonthly direct service in the warehouses). Later, as a senior studying abroad in New Zealand, I wrote the financial analysis section for my professor's successful nonprofit grant application to secure funding for mobile business training units in Papa New Guinea. This was when I first witnessed the realistic potential of using business principles to solve problems that matter.


Professionally, I've advanced through leadership roles in five separate industries: commercial real estate, business banking, medical fitness, public education, and now nonprofit consulting. Within these, my job duties have included accounting and budget management, market research and sales forecasting, project management, retail site selection and brokerage, small business lending (including SBA financing), operations management (105 direct reports), change management, organizational transformation, culture change facilitating, full-time public school business teaching, and more. I most recently was a full-time stay-at-home-dad to our first born during the pandemic. 


It sounds like a lot because it is– I'm a scanner (RIP/thank you Barbara Sher). The specific "resumé bullet" details of each experience are available in full transparency on my LinkedIn profile. I fit the definition of an expert generalist with my professional level of understanding in so wide a field of subjects, and have been called by managers a "Swiss Army knife", "special forces soldier", and "Jack of all trades in a good way."

I am highly organized, thrive in chaos (the messier the better!), enjoy overseeing multiple concurrent projects, and always meet deadlines. I get excited when there are problems to solve, work great independently, and love being part of high-functioning mission-driven teams.


Across many industries, I have planned several successful large events (including two with attendance reaching 800), managed numerous budgets, negotiated dozens of contracts, and occupied both detail-critical and big-picture roles.


I believe in fostering growth mindsets, purposeful discovery, feedback with reflection, and a mutual responsibility for individual and system-wide improvements. And jokes— I do like making those around me laugh.

Personally, I'm grateful for my inspiring wife, Ali, my happy-go-lucky toddler son, Finley, my smiley infant son, Spencer, and my little Havanese sidekick, Linus. The middle child of three (probably why I'm a good facilitator!), I've lived in MA, RI, VT, and NC, but now (once again) call Rhode Island home. If I had to pick two favorite hobbies that aren't eating or learning, they'd be sailing and snowshoeing.

I may have formed Grow Meaningful as a nonprofit organization development consultancy (specializing in earned revenue strategies for nonprofits), but like all good players in the infinite game, it will adapt over time to best advance its just cause:


creating a world where most people wake up feeling inspired by meaningful work, connected with their communities, motivated to become better, and excited for what's ahead.


See you there...