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Are you a smaller, secular nonprofit looking to make more money (without additional fundraising or grant writing)? 

Meaning-Centered Change

Hi, I'm Dave Manning. I started Grow Meaningful to help nonprofits make more money.

My Vision:

A world where most people wake up feeling inspired by meaningful work, connected with their communities, motivated to be better, and excited for what's ahead. Think how far we'd get!

My Mission:

To help smaller, secular nonprofits generate more earned income so they can afford to grow their meaningful brands, workplaces, and communities.

I believe Viktor Frankl was right: our "search for meaning" is the primary motivation in life (not pleasure, not power)– meaning matters most. I also believe in using business principles to solve problems that matter (...problems often created by businesses in the first place).

That's why, after a decade in the business sector followed by several years teaching high school business, I formed Grow Meaningful to embrace the idea-generating tensions where for-profit and nonprofit thinking intersect. 

To help create the world I envision, I need to do everything I can to ensure the growth, success, and proliferation of smaller, community-minded, secular nonprofits– not only as places to volunteer at or donate to, but to work, shop, gather, learn, and dream.

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Free Quickstart Guide

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The best nonprofits make a lasting impact in their communities, create products and services which customers trust and feel good about buying, provide meaningful work that employees actually want to do, and bring people and ideas together in progressive ways.

Unfortunately, far too many nonprofits also operate with a scarcity mindset (shoestring budgets, underpaid staff / noncompetitive salaries, over-reliance on volunteers, belief in the overhead myth, etc.), and will face closure or merger in the near future.


Rising inflation, decreasing donations, an impending recession, and new "competition" from B-Corps and lean social enterprise startups are stress-testing traditionally funded (and minded) nonprofits even further. Consider the beneficiaries and communities that would be left under-served if your favorite nonprofit (or your own) stopped operating today. It's time for future-focused, meaning-centered change.

The best solution is to start generating and sustaining nonprofit earned income. But where to begin? This Quickstart Guide contains three important organization development concepts to be embraced before your nonprofit should even think about starting an earned revenue program. "Walk before you run."

If you're already walking, well this will help check that your shoelaces are still tied. You'll learn how your nonprofit can quickly become more effective, adaptable, and resilient by: 

Like chess, these don't take long to understand but are far more complex than they initially appear. Each month you'll also receive a new actionable resource that does focus on earned income strategy.

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