Imagine a world where most people wake up feeling inspired by meaningful work, connected with their communities, motivated to be better, and excited for what's ahead.

Think how far we'd get!

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Let's Make it Happen

Grow and Sustain your Impact

We believe bringing ideas and people together is the best way to solve problems that matter and leave the world better than we found it.

We also believe collaborating for the greater good can help anyone bring meaning to daily life, feel happier, and be part of stories worth telling.

The way Grow Meaningful lives these core beliefs is by helping leaders of secular nonprofits like you develop better organizations (and collaborations) that are truly future-focused, meaning-centered, and community-minded, so you can grow and sustain your impact.


Meaningful Change

The Answers Are Out There

We combine the best OD practices of high impact nonprofits and social businesses with a powerful networked approach to capacity building, thereby enabling you and your team to see new possibilities amid complex issues and work through problems that have no clear solutions.

Please help us accelerate this process by downloading your free Quickstart Guide, calling into a free group Quickstart Session, and joining the idea exchange on our free forum. We hope you'll also consider our transformative Consulting and Success Team experiences. Thank you!


Free Quickstart Guide

Plus Actionable Monthly Resources

Want to quickly learn how your nonprofit can become more effective, adaptable, and resilient? Our Free Quickstart Guide shows you how to develop an infinite mindset, master 80/20 thinking, and plot it on the Map of Meaning so you can:

  • work through problems that have no clear solutions

  • see new possibilities amid complex issues

  • generate self-sustaining, mission-aligned revenue

  • engage stakeholders consistently & meaningfully

  • think more like a social business (when appropriate)

  • build capacity with collective impact agreements

  • finally take a relaxing vacation :-)

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